Homotopy/Homology, Model categories, Topos theory, and simPlicial, Infinity-, and dErived things Student Seminar

Meeting Time Mondays, 10-11am
Meeting Place Malott 310D

This is the webpage for HoMoToPIESS, an informal seminar for homotopically-minded graduate students at Cornell. The organizers are Chase Vogeli and Kimball Strong.

This semester’s topic is higher categories & higher algebra.

Spring 2024 Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
February 5   Organizational meeting
February 12 Kimball Survey of \(\infty\)-categories
February 19 Varinderjit Relative categories & derived functors
February 26   February break
March 4 Thea Simplicial sets & nerves
March 11 Chase Kan complexes
March 18 Guanyu Quasicategories I
March 25 Kimball Quasicategories II
April 1   Spring break
April 8   Eclipse day
April 15 Chase Survey of stable homotopy theory
April 22 Riccardo Generalized cohomology theories
April 29 Varinderjit Loop spaces & operads
May 6 Chase \(\mathbb{E}_\infty\)-groups & spectra

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