Homotopy/Homology, Model categories, Topos theory, and simPlicial, Infinity-, and dErived things Student Seminar

Meeting Time Fridays, 2:30-3:30pm
Meeting Place Malott 205

This is the webpage for HoMoToPIESS, an informal seminar for homotopically-minded graduate students at Cornell. The format is to alternate giving a series of 1-2 talks, with the first intended as an approachable introduction to the speaker’s chosen topic. The organizers are Chase Vogeli and Kimball Strong.

Spring 2023 Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
February 10 Kimball The EHP Spectral Sequence
February 17 Varinderjit Limits and Colimits in \(\mathbf{CAT}\)
February 24 Chase Equivariant Cohomology I: Borel Cohomology
March 3 Chase Equivariant Cohomology II: Bredon Cohomology
March 10 Ben Homotopical Categories I
March 17 Ben Homotopical Categories II
March 24 Isaac André–Quillen Homology I
March 31 Isaac André–Quillen Homology II
April 7 No talk Spring break
April 14 No talk Mid-Atlantic Topology Conference
April 21 Guanyu What do we mean by “deriving”?
April 28 Guanyu Deriving the Representation Variety
May 5 No talk Topology Festival