Homotopy/Homology, Model categories, Topos theory, and simPlicial, Infinity-, and dErived things Student Seminar

Meeting Time Fridays, 1-2pm
Meeting Place Malott 532

This is the webpage for HoMoToPIESS, an informal seminar for homotopically-minded graduate students at Cornell. The format is to alternate giving a series of 1-2 talks, with the first intended as an approachable introduction to the speaker’s chosen topic. The organizers are Chase Vogeli and Kimball Strong.

Fall 2022 Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
September 9 Chase Unexpected Applications of the Bar Spectral Sequence
September 16 Kimball A Gentle Introduction to Spectral Sequences
September 23 Kimball The Serre Spectral Sequence
October 7 Elise From Scissors Congruence to K-Theory
October 14 Varinderjit Introduction to Enriched Categories
October 21 Varinderjit Enriched Categories and Weighted Limits
October 28 No talk Topology lunch
November 4   BUGCAT Practice Talks
November 11 Chase The Homotopy Theory of Orthogonal Spectra
November 18 Yun Classifying Space of Commutativity
November 25 No talk Thanksgiving Break
December 2 Mark The Effective Topos and You